Best facial products for your skin type!

Shopping for Skincare?  Confused on what is best for your skin type?  Many will shop at retailers in your area and guess that the product will be good for you. We spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on product that you are hoping will preform based on their claims.  Many retailers do not have professional skilled and trained estheticians on staff however and possibly highly knowledgeable sales people to guide you to  your decision.  If you really care about your skin, invest the time to find the right product for you!  Proper skincare is the key to anti-aging!

Find a quality resort spa, day spa, salon who employ licensed estheticians. Find these quality spas on SPAFLASH and look for a spa in your area that you can go to for facials to maintain your skin.  Many times your esthetician will recommend the best skincare for your skin type.  Yes, proper skincare for your skin type is key!  As a young fitness professional I commented to one of my clients that her skin was so beautiful…her response “never be cheap on your face” what she really meant was invest the time to find the right product for you.  I have been in the spa business for 25+ years and never forgot that comment.  For many years, we have employed skilled estheticians and used spa skincare products that provide results!  Find those products though our quality spa partners on SPAFLASH!