2 tips when selecting your Spa!

When you are ready to spa, get a massage, facial, hair or nail service where should you go?  So many options in your area.   Evaluate a couple of things:

  1. What is the experience you want to achieve?
  2. What is your price point?

If you are looking for a spa package, couples experience etc….SPAFLASH is a great place to find the right spa for you!  We understand when you have a special event or purely want to find relaxation you want to go to a spa that provides the right environment.  Many day spas, resort spas, salons have the right experiences.  Important to me…employee engagement, are they trained well, are they friendly and service driven?  Also, does the spa you are considering known for it’s amenities and products?  Cleanliness is also very important.

Then there is price.  Pricing for every location is driven on the employee talent and amenities they provide.  Be selective.  It is much better to pay a little more and have the proper technicians and product used on you.  Remember, this is for you…your health and wellness is key.  Some of the nicest spa locations offer great deals during off peak periods – take advantage of that!!!  Also indulge and spend and you will find that those experiences are worth every penny.  I like to compare to dining experiences.  How do you make those selections and why?  Think about that and you will find the right answer!