Complimentary Fall Detox

You see this title and think, “Heck yes,” sign me up! At least I know I would! So, here is how the long Fall Break goes.

Kids are out of school on Friday and I like the good mommy I am trying to be set up a movie and lunch playdate for the girls. Shepherd had other plans. I woke up early that morning to go to Hot Yoga and as I walked in the door Dan (my wonderful husband has just bathed Shepherd and he is wrapped in a hot pink towel). Shepherd had thrown up all over his bed and Dan got him and bathed my sweet little guy before I got home. Thank you, Dan! Now I need to go and start Mommy Clean-Up in his room, you know – Lysol/Clorox the entire house.

Luckily Dan was able to work from home and keep Shep while I continued with our plans to the movies and lunch. Which was also a plus to keep the girls away from Shep to try and contain the potential bug. I mean my family has not had the best of luck with these stomach bugs. Camdyn the oldest, my 9-year-old brought a stomach virus home from school when she was 1 and we counted it took out 32 of our friends and family.

The rest of Friday Shepherd was great, playing, scootering around the house. I mean this little guy is my athlete, not even 2 and he can scooter, I’m talking go fast, turn and stop. His motor skills are off the charts. Okay, back to the Fall Detox.

My sister fly’s in from Alabama also on Friday because her oldest daughter is an Alabama cheerleader and was cheering at the game in College Station against Texas A&M. We were all over the moon about going to see her cheer and Shep was feeling better, so all was good.
I go to wake up Darenda in the guest room (that is like a Jack & Jill room sharing a bathroom with Shep). I turn on the light, talk to her for a few minutes and look down and there is Shep sleeping on the floor with his little blanket and lovie with threw-up again. Okay, so Saturday morning, Day 2 of Shep sick. Back to deep cleaning and my timeclock is on, 50 minutes to get ready for the game, that is if I am going. After talking it out with Dan, he is going to stay with Shep and if the sitter is still fine with coming then Dan will still bring Camdyn to the game and make it by halftime.

House sanitized again, 15 minutes until my parents should be here to pick us up. Time now for me to get ready! We hit the road with my sister, parents, and Caroline (my middle child). I grabbed an extra couple of shirts because I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to wear and well Texas weather is up and down so I thought I might change tops before I get to the game.
While at the game, Caroline was having a blast and then by second quarter we were literally sitting next to the band and next to a group of Alabama sorority and fraternity students and it was loud…I mean who could fall asleep right there. Caroline did. I was afraid the worst was happening; she might be coming down with this mean bug.

Camdyn and Dan make it to the game, Alabama wins and we had a ball. Caroline survived, went back to the tailgate and then packed up and started on our journey home.
About 15 minutes passed, Caroline was already asleep, and we were tracking to be home about 10:30pm and out of no where Caroline projectile vomits all over the truck and herself. Luckily there was a gas station just outside of this small town and we rush into Project Clean-up. I grab Caroline we run inside, I grabbed the extra shirt I had brought, and we rush to the bathroom. Immediately we walk into the gas station and is smells like an ash tray. Oh, the bathroom was disgusting but Caroline had to strip down and even take her shoes off. After I clean her up, I mean she is naked as a jay bird and has my oversized shirt on. Luckily it was so big it went to her knees so you couldn’t tell her undies were off too. We got back to the car and Dan had cleaned up the best he possibly could, but we needed to find somewhere to vacuum out the car and buy some cleaner. Dan was like we literally have to get out of here, I just saw a drug deal go on, this place is some kind of shady.

Caroline was feeling great at this point, in my oversized tee, dangly earring’s (she begged me to wear) and bow on top of her head, she reminded me of myself in college with a hangover after I had just gotten sick. Okay, back to the journey home! Another 30 minutes up the road we found another gas station and my parents grabbed Camdyn and drove her and decided it was best for her to stay there. Project Clean-up was done at the second gas station. Next issue – Dan is feeling sick. I tell him, I’ll drive, he looks at me like I have 17 heads and is like I think it would be best that I drive (meaning him drive us back even though he is completely nauseated and he still thinks he would be a better driver). For some reason, everyone thinks my driving could use some improvement.
Just outside of Fort Worth, Caroline gets sick again. We are much better equipped at this point with trash bags and I am proud of her going straight in the bag and then realizing somehow it got on her hands and the outside of the bag. Then Dan is seriously fidgeting while driving and he is not feeling well at all. He has a bag in his lap, I unbuckle my seatbelt and ready to take over the wheel if he gets sick.

Ok, we made it home pulled in, Dan gets Caroline in the bath and well he gets ill. I set both Caroline and Dan up on the couch to sleep. What I mean by setting them up, bed, trash can, towels so nothing gets on the couch or rug and drinks. They basically stay there the next 24 hours except for a few trips to the bathroom.
So, we have 3 down in the family, until a text from my parents, Camdyn has now come down with the dreaded bug. My parents and I go down into Project Preparation! This bug is coming, and it is coming in a big way.

I pick up Camdyn and learn my mom has her own “getting sick process.” My dad messed up “the process” he grabs the plastic bag and it just so happened to be upside down with everything falling out. Oh dear, this just keeps getting better. I get Camdyn home and set her up in the den with the rest of the family in a fluffy sleeping bag, gatorade/sprite cocktail. Shep starts to come to life except for a few nauseating runny diapers, he is back to normal. I did several loads of wash, Lysol was glued to one hand all day, waited on the family, even cleaned out Camdyn and Caroline’s closets. At this point parents, brother, sister, sister-in-law, nephew, babysitter, me…no one else has come down with this Fall Detox.

I’m not going to lie, I wouldn’t mind a little detox, and lose a few lbs in the process. At this point, my sister and I are just nauseated, looks like our complimentary Fall Detox were only “while supplies lasted.” I guess I will be jumping on Spaflash to see what spa deals include a treatment, body wrap of something to take care of my detox needs.
Happy Spaflashing!