About Us!

I need my hair done ….where should I go?

I am so tired need a massage…where should I go?

Looking for an anti-aging facial before my event…where should I go?

SPAFLASH is born!  We as 25+ year spa managing professionals understand the needs of our clients.  In our busy lives, when we take a moment then the conundrum…where to go, is the timing right, should I schedule time and keep the date?…

SPAFLASH has partnered with the best wellness locations in your area. These locations have the option to “flash” deals to you in the day for the day!  You select, connect and go!  Your choice, your time, your life!   Look at offers anytime/any day.  No coupons, no pre-payment – just schedule and go!  


Are you ready to …SPAFLASH?  

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